manisha rekhi

South London based illustrator, Manisha Rekhi Illustrations has been developing her skills as an artist over the past few years from being inspired by nature, astronomy, and the importance of social awareness.

girl with angel wings surrounded by stars and a dark background
white star
white star

There is always hope 

illustration of a wolf in front of a galaxy backdrop

Burn like the sun, shine like the moon (glitch version)

crescent moon and night sky with stars in a bottle
white star

Galaxy Wolf  

Twilight in a bottle 

girl with angel wings sitting on clouds along with handwritten text and a pastel sky

CHVRCHES- Miracle 


Blood Rose (Desire) glitch


Winter Flower (loveless version) 

hands holding the moon and sun with stars in the centre of the sun

Burn like the sun, shine like the moon 

glitched illustration of a girl in front of a space inspired background

Chelsea Effect- Head To Heart glitch

sun, moon and star linked together into a triangle with a blue butterfly in the centre

Butterfly dreamer 

illustration of a girl resting on a planet surrounded by others planets

Drifting Through space 

illustration of a girl in front of the Northern Lights

Black swan shining through the northern lights 

black and white illustration of a weeping ballerina with a pink floral background

Ghost ballerina 

silhouette of girl with stars in the centre whilst being surrounded by geometric shapes

The girl with the fallen stars

red roses and black heart border with skeleton hands, a dagger and a red heart in the centre

Love's Not Dead...

illustration of a house and a rainbow with a bridge in the centre and a night sky background

You Can Find Happiness On The Other Side 

Croydon, United Kingdom