About me

My work over the past few years, have created an impact on social awareness and how the media can easily create a toxic environment for everyone especially to the ones who are struggling with mental health issues. In today’s world, it is important to go towards a positive light even though we are in a dark mist of negativity which, ‘You Can Find Happiness on the Other Side’ highlights.  

My work can vary in different forms of media such as, animation, digital illustration, and photography.  The animated and visual cover of Billie Eilish’s, ‘Six Feet Under’ was my current project. The story surrounds with a girl in a complete dream state wondering around in a cemetery at the dead of night. She comes across an abandoned house and enters the building. The character came to realisation that it was the house she grew up in. She headed upstairs and enters her childhood bedroom which is glowing with fairy lights, walls filled with posters and stuffed toys on the floor. After scanning the room, she came across a version of herself unconscious on the floor and realised the character died in the house she grew up in. Her spirit starts to fade away into the afterlife where she finds peace.

The processes that was used to create the animation were, a range of visual effects, digital illustration, and second-hand imagery.

I chose a gothic scenery for the music video because it suits the melancholic nature of the song. Throughout the project, I had learnt different techniques on After Effects and how I create transitions between the animation and the realistic footage I incorporated in the three-minute video.

 The challenges I faced throughout the project and the past few years as an artist were, having the patience to create visual artwork for the public to take in and interpret. Also, creating artwork that presents a clear message for people to understand.

Soon, I want to continuously create an impact for people using my artwork through any form of media and create animations that expresses a compelling story.

Skills and techniques:

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator,  After Effects, Premiere Pro, mono-printing, animation, Lino printing, ink, graphite, photography, and painting 

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