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I started to become passionate with illustration from a very young age. At first, it was a way to escape from everyday life. Music is my main influence for my work. One of the projects that I did was to create merchandise such as, posters and CD's for an 80’s themed fashion show. I also, created sculptures out of different materials such as clay, wire mesh and card of someone that I looked up to. I decided to develop my skills by studying a bachelor’s Honors degree in illustration. Throughout the years I was there, I experimented with the different methods of printmaking and had the experience of drawing from life for the first time. The artist that inspired me to pursue a career in illustration is Mat Miller because he fluid use of  watercolours and Photoshop to create a fantasy where animals have certain abilities.



Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, mono printing, flash animation, Lino printing, ink, graphite, watercolours, Clay-mation and sculpting

To examine my CV in more depth, click on the attached file: 

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